Assortion AI: Journey of an Algorithm The story of why we started Assortion AI test

Assortion AI: Journey of an Algorithm The story of why we started Assortion AI test

Assortion AI, is a free upsell and cross-sell app available for you on Shopify App Store. The app will help you convert visitors to buyers on the landing page, product page, and cart. It will increase the average order value (AOV) of existing buyers.

The Story Behind Assortion AI

The E-commerce share of day to day retail has been increasing in the last two decades. In 2020 covid had many destructive impacts, caused much life and brought the world trade and social life to a halt. E-commerce boomed and became an essential part of our daily life. Also, people who enabled operations of e-commerce assured to stop the virus from spreading.

Nowadays, retail stores are back to normal in most of the world, besides recent developments in China. With more successful vaccine programs, the rest of the world seems to move on, and eCommerce will never return to the pre-pandemic era.

During the Covid period, consumer habits turned towards online outlets, and buyers and sellers flooded the internet. Shopify became an essential tool to onboard sellers cost-effectively. The ability of Shopify to keep the e-commerce processes, databases, and design separately give the seller an edge to adapt and improve as they go. Rather than huge investment and risk to small businesses, many sellers onboarded easily and had the opportunity to grow as they went along. The flexibility in templates helped sellers adapt their websites according to the needs of their customers. Shopify enabled all this while keeping the product and customer database and the payment systems intact.

These developments sound like a dream for e-commerce shops; however, competition increased. The sellers must adapt to these developments to stay ''in the game''.

As second movers, small-scale eCommerce businesses are lucky compared to their predecessors, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart Etc. There are many strategies and tools to learn from; conversion, email marketing, marketing apps, rewards, customer service, inventory management, payment plans Etc. At Assortion AI, we focused on the average order volume (AOV), i.e., the customer you already acquired. Amazon makes 35% of their revenue from existing customers, and it's a win-win for everybody. Customers get what they need while the online store makes increases their revenue.

Assortion AI, has a robust prediction model and works with sellers' preferences, your website's nature and customers; Amazon's prediction model already has information on your website's visitors following up with their Amazon cookies. When you have integrated Assortion AI, this information is made available to you and makes suitable suggestions for items they are most interested in and willing to buy.

Assortion AI provides you with this value for free. We aim to learn from experiences, capitalise on the know-how we gain, and improve features with other revenue-making tools. The app is simple to integrate, activate and adjust according to your needs. We understand the needs of the seller; that's why it's also just as simple to uninstall and deactivate the app. Assortion AI, will not affect your website or your future changes. As sellers, i.e. owners of Shopify based online stores, we understand your needs and how installed apps can slow down your website.