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Improve AOV

Are your customers buying one item per order? Offering product recommendations is a great way to improve AOV

Increase conversions

Shoppers engage with personalized recommendations better which increases number of products visited and conversion

Boost upsell and cross-sell

Suggesting the right product at the right time to the right customer is key to have a successful upsell and cross-sell program

Delight your customers

It's now possible to personalize your site experiences with highly-relevant, personalized product recommendations

High quality recommendations, in real-time

What if you could show the right products to your customers? Imagine how great it would be for you and your customers if your store understood each customer’s unique interests and suggested products they actually want.


Delight your customers with personalized experiences

With personalized product recommendations, you’ll delight your customers with a fast and easy way to discover items they’ll love.

Product discovery

Help your customers discover highly relevant products that they otherwise couldn't

Better engagement

Shoppers engage better with personalized product recommendations and spend more time at your store

How it works

Get started easily with a few simple steps



Install our Shopify app in the app store



Customize the widgets for the look and feel of your store's theme. You can also contact us to do it for you.



Enjoy additional sales from upselling and cross-selling without lifting a finger


Features for all platforms

Product quick view popup

Let shoppers preview products in a quick view popup without redirecting to another page

Blazing fast

Our app works really fast and won't slow down your store

Online Store 2.0 support

Assortion works well with both vintage themes and Online Store 2.0 themes

Seamless integration

Assortion integrates with Shopify seamlessly and won't require any manual work to operate

Easy Customization

Our widgets can easily be customized for the look and feel of your theme

Live Chat Support

We are ready to support you from onboarding to getting successful results

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